St. Bonaventure Church

St. Bonaventure school was founded in 1918 including grades first through 9th under the leadership of the Sisters of St. Francis.  In 1922 the first 3 students graduated from St. Bonaventure high school.  

Although St. Bonaventure high school closed in 1943 due to a shortage of teachers, plans for a new grade school were developing under the leadership of Fr. Thomas McCartan.   The new grade school was built in 1956 and dedicated on October 13, 1957 as Father McCartan Memorial School.   Although the Sisters of St. Francis had to withdraw in 1976 due to a shortage of teachers,  the school continued with an all lay faculty.  A kindergarten was opened in 1977 and a preschool in the rectory basement in 2006.   An addition was constructed to the school in 2012 housing a preschool room, new administrative space, a media room for the library and computers and a multi-purpose space.  This made it possible for all classes to be maintained in the one building,  added safety measures, handicap accessibility and administrative space. 

In our present classes, preschool through 8th grade, we have about 75 students.   The preschool and kindergarten each have their own teacher.   The other classes are double classes.   We have five full time certified teachers and one part time certified teacher.

The school is like a big family with the older students helping the younger ones.   They go to mass twice a week and regularly have prayer together at the beginning of the day and at the end of the day and during the day in their class room.

Our school has scored high in the standardized tests, even being the highest in the diocese for several years.

Fr. McCartan Memorial School